Sunday, January 25, 2015

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is a cemetery for American and Filipino soldiers killed during World War II in the Pacific theater There are over 17,000 soldiers buried here, as well as a memorial to soldiers missing in action.

sunrise over the cemetery

driveway into the cemetery

map of World War II battles inside the memorial

names of MIAs


inside the chapel

Taal Lake (Tagaytay)

Taal Lake is a volcanic lake formed from a still active volcano.

The Taal Lake Yacht Club offers boat rides to the volcano and tours for a cheap price, much cheaper than other tour groups, especially if you reserve ahead of time. The only caveat is that you have to get there yourself, which is not difficult.

To get there from Manila, go to the Southwest Terminal and take a San Agustin Bus towards Tagaytay. On board, tell the conductor that you're going to Oliveriz Square in Tagaytay. Once in Tagaytay, take a tricycle to the Yacht Club. The tricycle should cost 300 pesos, though some haggling may be required. Also, tell the driver that you already have reservations for the Yacht Club (even if you don't), otherwise they may take you somewhere else to sell you their own tour package.

To return to Manila, the yacht club can help you flag down a tricycle. From there, go across the road from where the bus dropped you off and wait for a bus heading back to Manila. Round trip for the bus was 110 pesos.

view of Volcano Island from Lake Taal

you will get wet while riding the banca

looking at other islands from Volcano Island

bancas on the island

Yellow Lake, which is another lake inside Volcano Island

the ground is warm to the touch
there are also steam vents scattered around

the little horse that you can ride to top (more of a pony)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Batad Rice Terraces (part 2)

(see part 1)

there currently aren't any roads to Batad, though one is currently under construction

this is the current path from the road down towards Batad

panoramic view of Batad

close up of the rice plants

Walking through the rice terraces