Thursday, March 11, 2021

Little Bay Park with Jorge

Shooting the sunset at Little Bay Park while a random Colombian man told me his life story.
He was talking about how the park reminded him of his childhood in Cartegena, Colombia with his dad. When I mentioned that I've been to Colombia and Cartegena, he started opening up about how he moved to Queens as a kid in the mid-70s, and went to high school in LIC, almost dropped out, and started working as a contractor installing glass and stone panels in commercial buildings (mainly in skyscrapers around the city including some jobs in the Empire State Building, Twin Towers and 30 Rock).
He also mentioned how he has a fear of heights, and was scared out of a building when it started swaying too hard in the wind. Also, worked at the 9/11 Museum but quit because of the emotional toll from hearing people's reactions.
I eventually left since the park was closing down and the police were kicking people out, though he was still waiting for a friend.
Throgs Neck Bridge at Little Bay Park
Little Bay Park
Little Bay Park
Little Bay Park