Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot Pot in Taiwan

Maybe this wasn't a good time to start a traveling blog. My originally planned travel is postponed because of unforeseen medical expenses. So I need to plan some cheaper, more local trips.

In the mean time, here's a post from previous travel. Taiwan!
Hot pot in Taiwan to be specific. This restaurant is from the night market (夜市) in Pingtung (屏東) though we went during lunch.

Hot pot consists of a large, boiling pot of stock in the middle where everyone at the table cooks various ingredients such as thin-cut meat as well as vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, fish balls and pretty much anything. This particular restaurant is one of my favorites and has some of the best hot pot meat and sacha (沙茶) sauce.

Hot pot with stock and vegetables.

The raw meat before being cooked.

Sacha sauce and raw egg yolk. The raw egg is mostly only in Taiwanese hotpot and is mixed together with the sacha sauce and used as a dipping sauce. And yes, the egg is eaten raw ^_^


Fish balls (minced fish meat, formed into a ball shape).