Friday, January 9, 2015

Tops Lookout, Cebu City, Philippines

Tops Lookout offers a 180 panoramic view of Cebu City. However, the viewing area itself is just a small area, half acre plot and may not feel like it's worth the cost of getting up there.

Entry is 100 pesos per person. While the entry fee itself is not bad, the biggest cost is getting up to Tops. A taxi will cost P600-1000. Alternatively, you can try your hand at taking a jeepney, but you will still have to climb the last and very steep 500m on your own. My suggestion is to take a taxi or jeepney to JY Square Mall and take a habal habal (motorcycle taxi) up from there. The habal-habal will cost about P150-300.

on the way up to Tops, outside of Cebu City
the views on the way up are better than the view form Tops

Tops, this is pretty much the entire area.

view of Cebu City from Tops

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