Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hamilton's Grave, Trinity Church

Alexander Hamilton is buried in the churchyard of Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan. Recent fame from Lin-Manuel's musical Hamilton has increased the number of visitors to the point that there are always coins, flags and flowers laid at the graves. Trinity Church has also placed signs describing the Hamilton and other related people who are buried at the church, including Eliza, Angelica, Hercules and Phillip.

Alexander Hamilton has the most ornate grave marker, while Eliza is buried right next to Alexander Hamilton, with a flat, white marble slab marking her grave.

Alexander Hamilton

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

Alexander and Eliza together

Phillip is also buried in the churchyard, but the location of his grave is unknown. His grave was most likely left unmarked because he was killed in a duel, which was frowned upon at that time. Trinity Church did not want to appear to condone it. Even for Alexander Hamilton, the church initially refused give him final Communion and last rites on his deathbed but later relented.
sign about Phillip Hamilton

Hercules Mulligan is also buried near Alexander and Eliza Hamilton.
Hercules Mulligan

Angelica Schuyler Church is buried on the opposite side of the church in the Livingston Family tomb, whom she is related to through marriage
Angelica Schuyler Church

Trinity Church churchyard

Trinity Church churchyard

inside Trinity Church

The church and churchyard are open to visitors from 7am to 6pm daily, unless there is church service, in which case only the churchyard to open

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