Monday, May 4, 2020

Cunningham Park during Coronavirus

Thankfully the number of daily 911 calls has dropped and daily patients arriving to hospitals is also on the decline. However, warm weather is making it very tempting for people to leave the house and head to the parks, especially this past weekend. Little Bay Park was so full the main parking lot (by Fort Totten) was closed off by police, while the second parking lot under Throgs Neck Bridge was overflowing.
Cunningham Park was more manageable. While there were still a lot of people, it was easier to keep distance from other people except for certain walkways, particularly leading to and from the parking lot.
NYPD and NYC Park Rangers were also handing out free face masks to people in various parks around Queens, including here (though this park wasn't listed on the website).

nice 70°F weather in Queens

watching the sun set over the park

barbecue grills are blocked to prevent use

tables have been turned upside down to prevent people from gathering and using them

picnic areas have been roped off

posted signs

another roped off area

NYPD handing out free face masks

NYPD handing out free face masks

tennis courts have been locked

sign posted at tennis courts, though there's too much condensation to read it

bocce ball court is also blocked off

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