Monday, June 30, 2014

Food in London

When visiting England, two foods you have to try are fish and chips and pastys. Fish and chips is battered and fried cod with fries (or "chips" in the UK), and pastys are a savory pastry filled with meat and potatoes.
London's diversity also means that there's a wide variety of non-English foods to try as well.

Fish 'n Chips, unfortunately this particular fish 'n chips was mediocre

West Cornwall Pasty Co.
On another note, the Google Nexus 5's camera has terrible auto-focus. It's like the camera is always drunk...

Pastys are a must have while you're in London! It's like a meat pie that's been folded in half.

my cousin enjoying a pasty

Other random dishes we had while in London:


chicken wings

some salad?

meat pie

City Best Kebab

Kebabs from City Best Kebab. Yeah, it's not a great photo, there's plenty of meat down there under the vegetables.

Chinatown for deserts, because we're Asian like that.

ice, green tea ice cream, red bean, love jelly

ice, vanilla ice cream, mangoes and lemongrass jelly

ice and a mix of fruits

green tea ice cream

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